Guide to healthy pregnancy

September 7, 2017

Conceiving a baby is a tough task as you have to be careful about the health changes that you undergo. As a woman i have also experienced pregnancy and I am lucky to say that I have had a happy pregnancy. As a woman my body was undergoing many hormonal changes which made me more watchful about the food I was eating. If you also want to be pregnant, you need to understand the role of food and exercise. Let us delve into some interesting ways to understand what you should be eating and enjoying throughout.


This guide on how to become fertile is promising in many ways. I have always been very concerned about the kind of food I was eating. I also ensured that I was active.

How to gain better edge for becoming pregnant?

As today’s times are more challenging, most of the woman are working and have a hyperactive lifetysle. It is this way which has become a major problem that leads to various health challenges as well. Do check out the following tips which are based upon my experience as a woman and mother:

  • Take up yoga, this is a wonderful way to ensure mental as well as physical well-being. Many asanas help you to strengthen yoru internal organs. You will experience less stress and increased physical stamina. But do consult your yoga instructor to find out which yoga pose is going to be more effective
  • You can include clarified butter in your diet which can give you that super glow even in the post-pregnancy phase.
  • Avoid stress at any cost, you dont even realise what it does to your body. Take the help of meditation and you will experience the difference

If the above tips dint work for you, there is still a way out in medical parlance. The in vitro fertilisation is going to be your take. There are experts present who are providing promising health benefits.

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